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Catering Project

In this independent project, you will be determining a variety of catering situations and, hopefully, learning a bit about what it takes to put on a catering. You should only be doing this project if you’ve not made it to one of our caterings this year, OR you’re looking for extra marks.

Please complete the following 3 activities:

* read through this website’s list of planning criteria AND fill out the following on-line form.

* read through this list of wedding food trends AND fill out the following on-line form.

* your final task is to design an event for the incoming grade 9s. LINK is an important event for new students to CWDHS. Through this program you get to interact with many of the people and activities you’ll be engaging with all through your time here. Your task is to develop an afternoon of food in the CW cafetorium. Your budget is 1500.00 and with it I want you to develop what you think would be a welcome lunch. Perhaps you have a theme, or a particular kind of set up in mind. I would like you to hand in a floor plan for how you plan to use the area, a list of items you’ve spent money on and roughly how many volunteers you’d need (with specific jobs if possible). Remember this should be a memorable event with good food (no hot dogs and chips, remember you’re a Food School cook!). This final task will be handed in before the end of term.

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