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Cooking Workshop Summative Project

Final project and online evaluation due by June 15th

worth 20% of final mark

In this final project you will develop and deliver an actual cooking demo/workshop for a live audience (usually me, and a few others that I’ll organize). You will be invited to do this summative only once I’ve seen your earlier project and liking what I see!

It is helpful to think of yourself as a TV chef and your job is to present a recipe to your audience. You’ll want your audience to see you as an expert, using safe techniques, and ultimately inspiring them to make your recipe.

some parameters for your demo include:

* you are using 2 or more cooking methods (the more that you use correctly, the better)
* you use a cutting board and demonstrate correct knife/board technique (the more complex the cuts, the better)
* you are using at least one seasonal ingredient (the more seasonal ingredients used, the better)

Workshop Checklist:
must be no more than 10 minutes in total
must be safe and must adhere to health and safety standards established in the class
must reference your skills sheet for grade 12
must take in to consideration your audience

You’ll want your workshop to have the following:
awareness of some primary steps you’ll follow throughout your workshop
an awareness of your audience (how will you engage your audience, will you have good presence, will it be clear, short and effective)
list of tools (awareness of what your audience’s limitations are)
list of ingredients

Once you feel prepared, a date will be negotiated with me to determine when you will present.

Any questions? Email me:

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