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Grade 10 – TFJ201 Course Outline

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Projects & Principals of Study
* Culinary Tourism Research Project
* Catering Project
* Beef
* Skills Sheet
* Flavours of Canada
* Ingredient Recognition Log
* Food Print Analysis
* Compost Activity
* Restaurant Menu Plan
* App Off Competition
Daily Mark
* Daily Mark Rubric

Students will be assessed on their development throughout the course. Early diagnostic examinations will determine preliminary understandings and skill levels and alternative methods will be employed to best assess a student’s final core understandings and personal developments.

25 % Projects & Principals of Study Tests
15 % Assignments
20 % Summative
40 % Daily Mark

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  1. Unknown permalink
    October 12, 2010 9:32 pm

    You know what?
    You should take a picture of each grade 10 class and put them all on this part of the site, maybe you can do that with your other classes too?

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