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Compost Project

In the Food School kitchen we generate close to 50 pounds of vegetable scraps everyday. Over the course of a school year, that translates into about 7000 pounds of compost. In the past, these scraps might have gone to a landfill, but ever since the Food School has been teaching students how to cook, it has gone into our own compost bins next to the tech. portable at the south west corner of the school.

In this project you will work in groups of no more than 3 to create a dynamic and engaging presentation on one of the focus subjects of the composting process. Your presentation will be directed to the whole class and limited to 10 minutes. Your presentation should include some photos as well as one formal page write up with all your findings that will be handed in for marking purposes.

As a group, please choose from one of the focus subjects below:
Focus Subjects

* composting on the farm
* the challenges of composting in an urban setting
* how compost becomes compost: a review of the breakdown
* a review of different kinds of composters you can buy for your home
* bacteria and the role of temperature
* composting at the city level

Once you’ve figured out your group and what topic you’re going to do, please fill out THIS FORM

The Learning Objectives for This Project

* develop an awareness of the whole composting process
* engage with one aspect of the composting system and communicate that process clearly to your peers
* consider the importance of compost in relation to sustainable farming.
* learn to complete tasks in a specific timeframe
* develop an awareness of group work
* explore reasons why good cooks should be aware of the composting process


compost project rubric
compost project helpful links

compost project peer evaluation

Study Guide

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