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compost study guide

soil saver compost bin

2 main types of backyard composters – The Soil Saver and The Tumbler

soil saver – big, black and rectangular bin that sits open on the ground

tumbler – big drum that gets turned manually, accelerates the composting process by adding air and by mixing the components together.

A few main rules about compost

the tumbler compost bin

1. put composter in a sunny area – because it heats up the compost to invigorate the bacteria and assist in decomposition
2. don’t put meat in compost
3. be aware of the carbon/nitrogen ratio (carbon is leaves and grass, nitrogen is coffee grounds, egg shells, vegetable peels)
4. make sure compost stays damp like a sponge – keep a lid on your compost bin, and water when dry
5. keep composter near the house
6. check your composter, make sure it doesn’t have holes or that it stays closed.
7. turn the compost as it is important because it needs air, speeds up decomposition, mixes up the compost

why do chefs care about compost?

because we care about good ingredients and good ingredients come from growing good soil!!!

why bother composting at all?

because good quality garbage shouldn’t end up in a landfill with no future, we can use that diverted kitchen waste to make more food.

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