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Cook ‘book report’

Due November 27thpodcast_recording_editing_tools

In this project you will analyze a cookbook and create a podcast.

Choosing a Cookbook
Before you choose THE book you will report on, you will be required to come up with a list of 3 different books and then communicate to me your decision on the final book. This will push you to hunt a little and come up with some initial categories for why you’ve chosen the book you will report on.

Developing Categories
Once you’ve decided on your book, you will come up with 5 categories by which to report on the book. I will assist with this process with your help.

Creating a Script
Taking your information and transferring it into a readable script will require that you develop an awareness of how to deliver a report in 2 minutes that both entertaining and educational.

Recording your Podcast
A podcast is really just a recording of your voice, but it can be so much more! With the internet’s help, you can now pull in all sorts of soundscapes and songs into your report which will make it far more interesting to listen to.

The top 5 cook ‘book reports’ will be sent to a local radio station and aired on a real radio station! More details on that to follow.

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