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Soup Off

Summative Project
15% (see below for individual due dates)

Building on information learned in the soups and sauces unit this semester, you will work to develop your own original soup and then compete with this soup against others in your class. The soup you choose can be based on an existing recipe, but must be changed to become your own (i.e. perhaps you change the main ingredients, change the flavor, change the consistency). In order for the soup to be considered your own, you will need to have either, your own recipe, or have changed at least 3 details in an existing recipe.

What you’ll need to do before the soup competition on Thursday, December 21st

1. Determine the soup you will make for the competition (see above for details).
2. Complete the on-line form about your soup
3. Complete and hand in a shopping list
4. Prepare an information card for your soup judges. It needs to be on an 8.5×11 piece of paper, it needs to say the name of the soup, the ingredients (not the directions) and 3 reasons why you think your soup is better than the other soups. Make it colorful AND do NOT put your name on it. The judges will not know who made the soup.
5. Complete the on-line form reflecting on your soup

Judges will be grading each soup on the following 3 criteria: appearance, use of regional/seasonal ingredients, texture and taste.

Your final mark will be determined on the successful completion of all on-line forms (3 in total), originality of your soup (see note above), the incorporation of information gathered in throughout the semester, and the judge’s responses.

The top 3 soup recipes will be entered into the Food School cookbook for future reference and the top soup and cook will be entered into the Sensational Elora Soup Off in October 2010. The winning cook/student from the soup off will also receive a gift certificate to purchase a new cookbook from Roxanne’s Book Store in Fergus.

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  1. January 13, 2010 7:55 pm

    how do i make a form about the price of a bowl?!

    i’m confused, :/ p.s. so is danni.
    thanks mr. jess. :):)

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