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Developing a Cooking Workshop

In this next project you will examine the overall structure of a cooking workshop and then you will use this information to develop a 10-20 minute cooking workshop.

To prepare you for this, please search for and watch 3 online cooking demonstrations and make notes about the structure or template you see the cook using. Once you have done this, please fill out this form which will demonstrate to me that you have some understanding about what it would take to create your own cooking demo.

Now, once you’ve been given the go ahead by me to proceed, please choose a group of up to 2 more students from our class and:

* determine what it is you’re going to demonstrate
* make sure that what ever you decide to demonstrate you are using 2 or more cooking methods, you use a cutting board and demonstrate correct knife/board technique
* you’ll need to use at least one fall ingredient

Workshop Checklist:
must be between 10 and 20 minutes in total
must be safe and must adhere to health and safety standards established in the class
must reference your skills sheet for grade 12
must take in to consideration your audience

You’ll want your workshop to have the following:
awareness of some primary steps you’ll follow throughout your workshop
an awareness of your audience (how will you engage your audience, will you have good presence, will it be clear, short and effective)
list of tools (awareness of what your audience’s limitations are)
list of ingredients

you choose, either:

1. a written account of your workshop. Think of it as a play, give your group members roles and speaking parts. Use diagrams where ever possible to highlight a point (i.e. set up cutting board, like this [insert drawing])
2. actually present the workshop to me. All above requirements will be fulfilled through your actions.
you will need to hand in any recipes, create a list of required ingredients for your workshop, and create a list of tools that would be needed for your workshop.

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