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Food Bank Workshop Summative

20% of final mark – reflections and report due June 17th

In this project you will take the overall structure of a cooking workshop and you will use this information to develop a workshop of your own for folks at the CW Food Bank. You should only be choosing this option if you’ve chosen to show me your workshop and have had positive feedback. You know who you are!

This project will be based on one demonstration at the Food Bank as well as a quick reflection.

Another look at the project: working in groups of 2 or 3 you will determine your audience’s needs, you will choose a topic for your workshop that abides by the limitations below, and you will deliver your workshop for assessment.

Workshop Outline:

must be between 10 and 20 minutes in total

must be safe and must adhere to health and safety standards established in the class

must reference your skills sheet for grade 12

must take in to consideration the Food Bank audience

You’ll want your workshop to have the following:

* awareness of some primary steps you’ll follow throughout your workshop

* an awareness of your audience (how will you engage your audience, will you have good presence, will it be clear, short and effective)

* list of tools (awareness of what your audience’s limitations are)
list of ingredients


You will complete a live demonstration to the food bank, hand in any recipes, create a list of required ingredients for your workshop, and create a list of tools that would be needed for your workshop.

Some ideas generated by YOU for workshops:
* soup (something using beans)

* beans 3 ways

* pasta sauces from scratch

* baby foods

* anything using monster veg (i.e. using ‘unusual’ vegetables)

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