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Grade 10 – TFJ2O1

Link to chef Jess’ TFJ2O1 course

Link to chef DeBeyer’s TFJ2O1 course


This grade ten course is open both to newcomers as well as returning grade nine hospitality graduates. We will begin the course by reviewing the fundamental culinary knowledge learned in the grade nine hospitality course. Once this has been mastered, we will continue to develop a deeper understanding of culinary concepts including a sense of taste, cultural connections in cookery and methods of cooking as they relate to the grade ten feature protein, beef.

In the kitchen, you will learn about basic food safety and sanitation techniques that keep customers and staff safe from harm. Tool and equipment use will be practiced daily during kitchen activities and particular emphasis will be placed on accurately measuring ingredients in both metric and imperial units of measurement.

In your kitchen groups you will be challenged to plan, prepare and analyse a variety of foods and recipes. Working as a team will be crucial to your success- do you have what it takes???

IMPORTANT: Attendance and participation are critical for success in this course as most learning takes place during daily project based tasks.

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