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Grade 11 Summative Meal

snail--slowly-crossing-the-finish-line-mark-hendrickson20% OF YOUR FINAL MARK

(this 20% is split between two main tasks – see below for details)


In this final project you will have two main activities:

1. develop a draft of a menu

2. cook a menu and do summative activities.

Menu Draft 10% – Due Monday, January 14th

Independently, you will create an original menu. It should have the following:

* 3 courses (appetizer, main, dessert)

* chicken used somewhere

* macedoine/paysanne/chiffonade used as often as possible

* stewing/deep frying/boiling used as often as possible

* seasonal ingredients used as often as possible

Once you’re created your menu, you will need to do 3 things:

1. develop your recipes and convert them to 18 portions each

2. create a detailed prep list (see available form)

3. create an order form (see available form)

Cook a Menu & Summative Activities 10% – due Wednesday, January 23rd

Once all of the menu drafts have been received, I will be choosing one that we will cook as a class and then EAT as a class. This final 10% of your mark will be directed towards two actions:

1. your role in the final meal (think of this as a super daily mark – the more you engage with the final meal, the higher the mark)

2. your completion of the following on-line forms:



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