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Grade 11 – TFJ3C Course Outline

Hospitality and Tourism
Grade 11
College Preparation

Instructor: Chef Jess

Hospitality and tourism is one of the top fields for employment in Canada. Hospitality
and tourism courses prepare students to meet diverse challenges in this multifaceted field.

Carrie with a new way to 'carry' apples

Carrie with a new way to 'carry' apples

This course emphasizes the scope of the hospitality and tourism industry. Students will study food origins,food-handling techniques and food preparation,health and safety standards,and the use of specialized tools and equipment. They will also investigate travel and tourism activities in Ontario,develop effective communication and management skills,and identify career opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Areas of Emphasis
In this course you will engage with a number of specific focuses that reference the Ministry’s required curriculum.

Principals of study
* Poultry
* Soups and Sauces

* * Catering Project
* Culinary Tourism in Ontario

* Food Product Analysis
* Flavors of Canada Textbook Comprehension
* Practical: Merging Acquired Cooking Methods

Summative Project
your choice of either:
* Dish Off
* Poultry Report

Students will be assessed on their development throughout the course. Early diagnostic examinations will determine preliminary understandings and skill levels and alternative methods will be employed to best assess a student’s final core understandings and personal developments.

15% Principals of Study Tests
20% Projects
10% Assignments
15% Summative
40% Daily Mark



If further assistance is required, please email via

please phone via

843-2500 kitchen extension #333

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