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Chef Profile

gordon-ramsay-food-sex-11-16-2006In this project, you will choose a Chef, explore what makes him or her tick and then propose the focus of their next cookbook or project.

Learning Objectives:
* Observe what this profession requires educationally
* Consider if this is a good fit for the student in the future
* Engage with a form of reporting/communicating and presenting your findings
* Examine the role that media has played in making this Chef famous
* Look at their philosophies and hypothesize as to why they have done well with that philosophy
* Develop an awareness of the industry

Required Skills for this project:
* presentation details and communication of found information
* an awareness of the role that media plays in making a Chef famous
* some idea of a few different philosophies and an awareness of how specific contexts have lead to developing that philosophy
* some awareness of the industry over the last 30 years.

Some questions you’ll want to get answers to:
1. what has made your Chef what they are today?
2. what role has the media played in making this Chef who they are?
3. what effect has their home town or city of employment had on them as a Chef?
4. what philosophy does your Chef present

This project will be worth 6.8 % of the final mark and rubric will follow that outlines the student’s comprehension of the task at hand, research into the field and on the Chef, and overall presentation.

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