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Dish Off

an old postcard of the Grand River

Summative Project
15% Due Thursday January 21

– A Fergus Elora Dish –

Building on information learned about culinary tourism in Ontario and your efforts to link together food and community, you will work to invent a menu that’s specific to this rich cultural area. Engaging with what you know about your own community, you will go through a variety of steps to come up with your own version of a menu that’s specific to your home town. Developing a dinner menu and competing against other students in the class, a jury will choose the winning menu that will then be prepared for the class at the end of the semester to eat.

What you’ll need to do before the jury judges on Thursday, December 21st

1. complete an on-line form about Fergus Elora Culinary Tourism initiatives.
2. submit a preview of a menu for approval and consultation
3. complete a shopping list and determine an approximate price per consumer. Write this up and hand it in to Mr. Jess.
4. submit your final menu and be prepared to present to the jury why it should win as the most representative dish of the area.
5. complete an on-line form reflecting on your experiences on this project
Judges will be grading each menu on the following 3 criteria: overall impression and desire to eat the menu items, use of regional/seasonal ingredients, menu connection to the community (i.e. stories that link the food to the area).

Your final mark will be determined on the successful completion of all on-line forms (3 in total), originality of your menu (see note above), the incorporation of information gathered in throughout the semester, and the judge’s responses.

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