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Poultry Summative

15% of your final mark
Due on, or before, Thursday, January 21st

Poultry and The Planet: A Research Report

Throughout our look at poultry this semester, we’ve examined different kinds of poultry, considered several cooking methods, and looked at a few specific recipes. Whenever we consider a protein source like fish, chicken or other kinds of meat, we really should look at both how it effects a menu, AND also look at how it effects the planet. In this project you will do just that. Creating a report, you will research the effects of poultry consumption on the planet.

Types of report: 3 page essay OR on-line presentation (website/powerpoint/blog).

The following are required tasks

1. Determine one kind of poultry you will examine for your report (e.g. roasters, duck, pheasant, etc.)
2. Complete the on-line form about your chosen poultry
3. Hand in a quick report on where your bird is harvested, what season, and any specific impacts this bird has on the planet.
4. Complete the on-line form analyzing any alternatives to using your bird
5. Collect 3 recipes that use your chosen bird and enter that information here
6. Hand in your final report

Some useful resources to get you started

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  1. Mitch permalink
    January 20, 2010 4:21 pm

    Is it just me.. or is there absolutly nothing on the internet about farming, rasing, or harvesting turkeys..

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