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For the test tomorrow, you’ll need to know:

1. how to make chicken stock
2. what a roux is and how it is made
3. everything below


Chickens have been bred for food ever since they were domesticated in Southeast Asia around ______6500 BC________.

At _4 to 6 weeks old, Cornish_ game hens weigh 1 to 2 pounds and have tender, bland-tasting meat.

Broiler-Fyers_ are matured a bit longer, to about __3 to 4__ months, and weighs 3 to 4 pounds.

Roasters__ and _Capons__ (castrated males) are matured at least twice as long, weigh 4 to 5 pounds and have more well-developed, flavorful meat.

Stewing__ chickens are matured up to 18 months and develop even more flavorful meat, but its toughness makes stewing chickens best for moist_ cooking methods.

In North America, most chickens are plucked, eviscerated, then __water-chilled_, causing them to absorb up to _12%__ of their weight in water, which slightly dilutes the flavor of the meat and bumps up __profit__ per pound.

In Europe, most birds are __air-chilled__, resulting in slightly more flavorful meat and drier skin that crisps and browns more easily.

_Free-Range_ means the birds have access to the outdoors. There is no legal definition or protection of the name, so the term is used loosely and could mean any variation of activities. For the most part though, a free range bird has _a better life__ because it is able to roam _outside__, develops better _flavor_ and it is also usually _forages_ for its food as well as its normal feed.

_Free-Roaming_ poultry is raised in rotating outdoor pens on a diet with a high percentage of _foraged food__. The meat tends to be firmer and more flavorful than that of mass-produced chickens.

_Organic_ chickens require organic feed and must be produced without the use of antibiotics, genetic engineering, chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides.

Chicken parts cook at _different times__ because of the amount of exercise each part gets. As chickens move around, their legs and thighs (dark meat) develop __stronger__ muscles and _tougher_ connective tissues that need to be softened to be edible.

To be safe, all cooked chicken parts should reach an __internal__ temperature of _180F__.

To reduce the risk of food-borne __illness__, avoid storing or preparing chicken near foods that will be __eaten raw_. Use _hot soapy water_ to wash everything that has come in contact with raw chicken to __prevent_ cross-contamination.

Quick Exercise

Find one recipe in the magazines and books provided that uses chicken. List the name of recipe below, outline what cut of chicken is required and then identify the cut on the chart.

Now, once you’ve determined the cut of chicken, look again at the recipe to try to piece together why it states the kind of cooking method that it suggests. List the cooking method used in the recipe and try to explain why it should work.

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