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Grade 12 Summative Menu

1-the-finish-line-will-bullas20% FINAL MARK

(this 20% includes two components, each worth 10% – see below for details)

10% – Draft Menu, Recipes & Plan – due Monday, January 14th


Working independently, you will determine one day’s worth of menu for the cafe (soup, salad, vegetable entree, meat entree, dessert). You will work to make this menu:

* seasonal

* use a brunoise or julienne cut as often as possible

* use a braise or poaching method somewhere in your cooking

* use fish

Once you have determined your menu (feel free to have me look over your menu for comments), you will create your properly converted recipes. Convert your recipes as follows:

soup 6-8 portions, salad 10-12, veg. entree 10-12, meat entree 20-24, dessert 10-12

At the completion of your own menu and list of recipes, you will create a comprehensive prep list and an ingredient order form.

All of these items are due on Monday the 14th, at which point, I will choose 2 or 3 menus that will see their way in to the kitchen cooked by your fellow cooks. The winning menus will have carefully included all of the items listed above.

Extra work could include a list of possible farms that your ingredients could be sourced from in our county and drawings of how you’d like to see your items plated.

10% Final Reflections & Expediting A Menu – due Wednesday, January 23rd

In this last stage of your summative project you will be completing a series of 3 on-line forms and assisting in bringing one of the chosen menus from the drafts that were submitted in to reality. The cooking and expediting of this final menu will be marked much like your daily marks are considered – think of these last days as heavily weighted daily marks, worth more than a normal day.

On-line forms




Final Menu Assessment

You will be graded for how well you engage with every aspect of the final chosen menu and how well you work with the team.

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