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Catering Client Profile and Delivery

chocIn this project, students will act as a catering coordinator, develop a menu that reflects the needs and dietary issues facing the client, and implement a plan that will deliver that product within the price required by the client.

Snack Details

Groups and Snacks
1. Imploding Ions – Fruit, Cheese, Cracker plate
2. Avocado – Crepes
3. DiVAS – smoothies
4. group 1 – choc. chip cookies
5. group 3 (team awesome) – granola bars
6. rumpelstilskin – brownies

Learning Objectives
* to develop an awareness of how caterings work
* to develop a menu that reflects the needs of the client
* to develop work plans that are realistic, clear, and achieve desire outcomes
* to communicate and report on the progress of the catering

Required Skills
* basic menu planning information
* awareness of how to access client information
* an ability to create a work plan, designate work hours, delegate tasks
* communicating/reporting

Students will be given a rubric that reflects categories communicating a student’s comprehension of the project, choice of presentation, personal reflections on the process, and delivery of the product.

Project worth 7.3% of final mark

Catering Project
7.25% of your final mark
Due October 13th

In groups of 4-5 (your decision) you will be assessing the needs of a group of a select group of clients. You will determine what the price point per person is to be, what the client’s likes and dislikes are, advise on health and nutrition, and then plan and implement a menu for your client’s daily snack. Once your menus have been approved by me, you will then be making the menu every 4th or 5th week (depending on the menu rotation). Please note ALL food must be made from scratch.

In addition, you will present me with a finished menu, how you came up with the menu (2 paragraph narrative) and deliver a report on how the menu you have proposed is working out for the client (2 paragraph). A suggestion would be that you determine someone in your group to be the scribe or secretary so that information and decisions your group happen upon actually get written down.

Your work will be handed in as a group, you will be graded as a group AND grading each other’s performance throughout the project.

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