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Greening a Festival

7.3 % of your final mark

When a town or city runs a festival, its an opportunity for the whole community to come together and work on a project and its an opportunity to host guests from far afield.

Jessie from Hillside Festival telling us how to green the Scotish Festival

Jessie from Hillside Festival telling us how to green the Scotish Festival

In this project, you will examine the Fergus Scotish Festival and the Guelph Hillside Festival with an aim to propose recommendations for how to make the Fergus Festival more green. Lucky for us, we have one of the most environmentally progressive festivals in the country working just down the road from us. We will create one report each on this very successful festival AND then use that report and our knowledge of the Fergus festival to create a list of recommendations for how to change.

Your report on the Hillside festival will be due separate from your list of recommendations for the Fergus festival. Your report will be due Friday, October 16th. It should be emailed to

greening a festival recommendation

As far as our look at particular aspects of the Scotish Festival, we will tackle and create recommendations for:
*Permanent Stage
*Food Vendors – Bio-Degradable
*Energy Use
*Beer Glasses

You will all be split into groups and you will focus on one of the above recommendations. In its final version, your one page recommendation to the Scotish Festival Board of Directors will look like:

name of action item (eg. water)
narrative (talk about the harmful effects of plastics on the planet)
recommendation (clear outline of how to reduce and remove the use of plastic from an event)
benefits (talk about the money that could be made and how it will save the planet)
resources (list all of the companies that sell water bottles, how to get in touch with the township, etc.)

Check back for details on time lines and presentation requirements.

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