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Ingredient Recognition Log grade 12

Throughout the semester, you will be presented with many different ingredients and understanding how these ingredients work, and the characteristics they have, will ultimately make you a better cook. A bit like an artists who knows how two different paint colors work together, we will, through this exercise, expand our knowledge of how ingredients work.

Knowledge Structure

1. name of ingredient (yes, spelling counts)
2. 8-15 descriptive characteristics
3. 3-8 ways the ingredient can be used
4. 2-4 cultures that routinely use the ingredient

Ingredients we’ll look at in detail through the IRL (Ingredient Recognition Log)

* Fennel Bulb
* Kale
* Mint
* Beets
* Split Pea
* Flax
* Curry Spice
* Arborio Rice

Open up to your workbook and the Ingredient Recognition Log pages (there are 2). There are four columns outlined for each ingredient. Complete these pages with the ingredients listed above (8 ingredients, 8 rows). Using the web, list 8-12 characteristics for each, 3-8 culinary uses, and 2-4 cultural uses for each.

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