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Period 2 Summative

Café La Ruche – A Trial
Due Tuesday June 16th (no exceptions – early submissions will be accepted after Thursday June 11th)
(20 % of your final mark)

notes from class are below. . .scroll down. . .

Throughout the year you have experienced a variety of core culinary applications. You’ve created all manner of starch dishes (gnocchi, pastas, breads), played with the foundations of pastry (tarts, pies, profiteroles), and experienced several world cuisines (Mexican, Thai, Indian and Japanese). This term you’ve also connected the role that our food system has played on the environment (CO2 equivalent calculations for our food) and explored the possibilities within our own farming community (Ontario vegetable profiles) and considered the bounty of food that is available from our own local forests.

In this final project you will use this knowledge about basic food production, food’s impact on the earth, and your awareness of the diversity of cultural foods to develop and produce 2 café trials. What is a café trial? We (as a class) will establish a 3 course lunch menu that we will deliver during lunch in the school, develop a plan for implementing this menu, sell tickets to staff and students at the school, and serve our menu during 2 specific lunch hours.

Working within a finite timeline, you will need to work as a group to establish your menu, consider how your going to sell your lunches, and determine your labor breakdown (i.e. servers, cooks, hosts, etc.). Marks for this summative will be dependent on 3 separate aspects: peer evaluation, eater evaluation, and my evaluation.

Below is an outline of some of the work you can expect to do for this project. Please refer to the corresponding rubric for a full outline and breakdown of mark distribution for this project.

Essential Project Details every student in the class MUST PRODUCE

1. Copies of your menus and all corresponding recipes
2. An outline of your own role in the trial (I was a cook, I cooked. . .it went well because. . .)
3. One copy of an eater’s evaluation of your lunch
4. A personal reflections on your experience in this trial as a new young cook
Additional Details you CAN produce

1. A brief commentary on the two separate trials, how you thought they would go, how they ended up going and suggestions for the future.
2. A personal commentary on the food you produced (likes, dislikes, your perspective as a new young cook, give some ideas of how or what you would change)
3. Photos of the trials (if permissible)
4. Information on your work to incorporate local and seasonal food into your menus
5. A floor plan for how you implemented the trial (i.e. a map of where you did your trial)
6. Your evaluation of your peers throughout this project

Notes from class:
we need to prepare 2 lunches
each lunch needs to have 3 courses
lunch is only one hour long, so we need to be organized
there are 4 potential jobs required:

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  1. June 14, 2009 2:59 pm

    this is frusterating … hey mr jess can you help me with it tomorow?

    • Mr. Jess permalink*
      June 14, 2009 3:18 pm

      yes, of course. we’ll be in the computer lab anyway.

  2. June 14, 2009 4:29 pm

    ok thats good because i think i got most of it ..but needs typeing but some things i don’t understand

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