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Period 3 Summative

Restaurant ProfileAiga_restaurant_inv

Due Tuesday June 16th (no exceptions – early submissions will be accepted after Thursday June 11th)
(20 % of your final mark)

Throughout the year you have experienced a variety of core culinary applications. You’ve created all manner of starch dishes (gnocchi, pastas, breads), played with the foundations of pastry (tarts, pies, profiteroles), experienced several world cuisines (Mexican, Thai, Indian and Japanese). This term you’ve also connected the role that our food system has played on the environment (CO2 equivalent calculations for our food) and explored the possibilities within our own farming community (Ontario vegetable profiles) and considered the bounty of food that is available from our own local forests.

In this final project you will use this knowledge about basic food production, food’s impact on the earth, and your awareness of the diversity of cultural foods to develop an inquisitive profile of one of our own local restaurants.

Working with a finite number of eating establishments, you will work on your own to produce a report that outlines the restaurant you are looking at, how they operate, and what all is required to run such a business.

My restaurant is:________________________________________________

Below is an outline of some of the work you can do for this project. Please refer to the corresponding rubric for a full outline and breakdown of mark distribution for this project.

Essential Project Details YOU MUST PRODUCE
1. Restaurant address, years in business, owner/chef, phone and email (if possible)
2. Copy of the menu (either an original or a copy that you produce – be sure to ask first)
3. Notes from an interview with one of the staff at the restaurant/food establishment
4. Some personal reflections on the establishment as a new young cook
Additional Details you CAN produce
1. brief history about the restaurant
2. a personal commentary on the food (likes, dislikes, your perspective as a new young cook, give some ideas of how or what you would change)
3. photos of the establishment (if permissible by owner only)
4. information on the business’ work to deal with fresh vegetables
5. information about whether items on the menu are cooked from scratch
6. choose one item on the menu, acquire a recipe for the item from the restaurant or by searching on line, recreate the recipe and journal your results.
7. outline the workday of one staff member through and interview you transcribe

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