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Period One

due on, or before Friday, April 17th

Did you know that twinkies have lighter fuel in them and that chicken mcnuggets have a substance in them that was used in creating grenades?

food-fight2Tips for making an on-line survey:

right off the bat:

ask one or more questions about the person who’s answering your survey. Things like their age, where they live, how much money they make. . . all will help you determine as much as possible when it comes to compiling the data.

as far as what sites to use, consider:

google forms (need a google account to use, but very useful)

Once you’re in and your happy with the survey you’ve chosen, you’ll want to input your questions.

Consider asking questions that refer to:

ethnic cuisine
ethical issues
local food
supporting local farms

Basically, anything goes. I am looking for questions that dig deeper than “do you like pizza?” as you want to put yourself in the position of a restaurant owner in the area and you want to be finding out more about your future clients.

Once you’ve got the question and your survey is available, getting as many people to take the survey will be your task in the week following.

Using strategies to get people to take your survey will be key, so use the ideas you generated in the previous assignment and go go go!

What you will hand in for marking:

1. an email OR paper copy of all your questions
2. an email OR paper copy of all your responses
3. an email OR paper copy of your reflections on the process

Got questions? email, Mr. Jess
All done? Want to hand this assignment in? email, Mr. Jess

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