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Period Three

Vegetable Profile Assignment
Due Friday, April 17th

805127So far, you’ve:

considered 20 different vegetables
looked at 5 vegetables in more depth
considered the seasonality of those vegetables
thought about culinary attributes

AND, if you were present on Tuesday, you should have:

chosen one vegetable that grows in Ontario (preferably something awkward)
done some research on that one vegetable. (you can go to foodlandontario)
and you will have decided how you want to present your information

If you haven’t done any of these tasks, that is where you will want to start.
Once you’ve done all of this. . .

You will create your vegetable profile
1. Outline your vegetable
2. Describe all of your information about that vegetable (include the season, where it can grow and what can be done with this vegetable in the kitchen – also known as: culinary attributes)
3. Put all of this into an online presentation format (i.e. blog, website, video, screencast)

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