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TFJ2O1 Quiz # 2

cutting in The Food School

1. It is essential that we learn good habits when using a chef knife. As a review, describe how you should hold a knife when cutting items in the Food School. (2 marks)

pinch the blade just above the handle with fore finger and thumb
wrap the remaining 3 fingers around the handle
the pinched fingers will act as a kind of swivel
the remaining fingers will balance and stabilize the knife

2. What part of the knife allows you to rock the knife back and forth on the cutting board and move it across the board? Circle the area you think best answers this question (1 mark)

– this area can be found where the blade curves the most

3. The ‘knife hand’ and the work it does will be the first to learn. It is the safest hand to learn and is the least likely to get cut. The other hand, however, is holding the item that needs to be cut. Describe, or draw, how this other hand should be used. (1 mark)

– this hand should be in the shape of a claw, stretched as high as possible with the finger tips tucked under and the flat part of the second joint flattened.

4. Draw a cutting board below. Outline, using arrows, how you should be using this cutting board. (3 marks)

– the rectangular board should have two narrow ‘lane ways’ outlined on either side of the board with a mention of where all the cutting is to take place (i.e. in the centre)

5. Where on the table should your cutting board be placed and how would you make this cutting board not slip around on the table? (2 marks)

the cutting board should be place up along edge of the table. this will allow you to stand at attention to your board, keep your back straight and your focus forward.
you should use a rubber mat or a damp towel underneath your board to keep it steady and in place.

For the next couple of questions, feel free to either write descriptions or draw your steps. Just make them as detailed as you can – remember I have to understand them!

6. Outline 6 steps for how to dice a pepper (6 marks)

wash pepper
remove any stickers
cut pepper from top to bottom, through the stem
using your hand, remove all white ribs and tap out all seeds in to a compost container
cut the pepper in half from top to bottom
cut thin strips from each quarter pepper
dice thin strips

7. Outline 6 steps for how to dice an onion (6 marks)

cut the onion along its non-root side
place the onion on this new flat cut
cut the onion through the middle, making sure to cut through the root down
remove the skin
cut into the onion making sure not to cut past the onion as it will fall apart
cut down into the onion in the other direction toward the root

8. Outline 6 steps for how to mince a garlic clove (6 marks)

place clove on the edge of the cutting board closest to you
using the widest part of the knife (i.e. closest to the handle) push down on to the clove which will crack the skin
remove the skin entirely
again, using the widest part of the knife, push down with more force and flatten the clove
roughly chop this flattened garlic
using the edge of the knife, drag the blade across the garlic extracting the juices and properly mincing the garlic.

9. Outline 6 steps for how to do a paysanne of carrot (give size dimensions please) (6 marks)

peel carrot
remove top and bottom portions
cut carrot in to hand appropriate sizes (for holding)
remove a thin strip off each piece to make it easier to cut
cut 1 cm length cuts in to each piece
cut into these lengths again to create 1 cm baton
moving your knife back and forth (i.e. criss-cross) cut the baton in to mis-shaped paysanne

Give me 5 differences between a leek and a green onion. (5 marks)

a leek is longer than a green onion
a leek is tougher than a green onion
a leek has thin leaves
a green onion has hollow leaves
a leek requires cooking to be edible

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