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Week One Quiz Review

Where is the compost? – Outside, next to the tech portable.

2. In a compost we use two kinds of matter, one’s green, one’s brown. Give me one example of each. – green matter would be things like carrot peelings and tomato scraps, brown would be leaves and paper towels.

3. Where is the herb garden? – outside, next the fence by the parkinglot

4. List off 2 different herbs that are growing in the herb garden – sage, mint, thyme, oregano, lovage

5. The website for this class is, list off 3 things you can find on this site. – cookbook, news about the program, alumni, information about your class, links to your projects and assignments, contacts details for chef Jess

6. Where do we store the stainless steel bowls in the Food School kitchen? – in the white shelf above the laundry bin.

7. Where do we store the whisks in the Food School kitchen? – on the wall, past the dishwasher

8. We have a walk-in fridge in the Food School. Where do we store our food in this fridge? – on the right side.

9. Stealing’s a big deal in this class because we run on very tight margins. One lost item, can hurt the whole program, so what is the consequence of stealing something from the Food School? – 3 day suspension

10. Nobody likes to eat hair (that I’m aware of anyway). How should you make sure your hair doesn’t get in to the food? – make sure that it is tied back and under a hair net or hat.

11. List off 3 reasons for washing your hands in a kitchen. – sneezing, just leaving the class, touching your face, coughing, touching the floor or your shoes.

12. Knives are dangerous. Yet we need to get them from where they are stored and bring them to our tables. List off three ways you can do this safely. – tell people around you that your coming through, keep your knife to your side, keep the blade facing back behind you, be continually aware that someone might bump in to you and anticipate it.

13. What does ‘mis en place’ mean and list two components of mis en place – it means to get things in its place and the two components of mis en place are ingredients and tools/equipment.

14. What is the abbreviation for the following:
tablespoon – Tbsp
teaspoon – tsp
cup – C
litre – Lt
pound – Lb

15. Convert the following
3 teaspoons =_______1_______tablespoons
4 tablespoons =______1/4_______cup
16 tablespoons =______1______cup

In this class we use a daily mark for 45% of your final mark. That’s almost half! So its important that everyone knows where they want to be shooting. We have a daily mark rubric and it outlines all of the levels. List 5 qualities of someone who would be getting a 4 out of 5.

arrives as the bell rings, works well with other in the group, aware of most tasks for the day. handles food and tools with some care. usually never displays disruptive behavior during class. maintains good focus on work. communicates on some inventory and mis en plance. guides some group work. takes most responsibility and shows pride for all work. offers some ideas and asks one question per class.Initiates well with all work. incorporates or builds off of the ideas of others. demonstrates/teaches some acquired skills to other members. communicates fairly clearly and somewhat concisely with group. Aware of plans for following class/day. Initiates most necessary clean up from group work stations. Involved in most aspects of kitchen maintenance/cleaning without being prompted.

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