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CW Breakfast and Lunches for Learning

“Foods that fuel student success”

Proudly offered by The Food School and Food and Friends

What is the food school breakfast and Lunches for Learning program?
This program offers nutritious breakfasts, lunches and snacks to students in need.

Who is eligible to participate?
The program is geared to serve hungry students, regardless of circumstance. Students arrive at school hungry for a variety of reasons, not just financial ones. Perhaps they had a late start to the day, weren’t hungry as they left the house or forgot to pack their lunch. Our program is meant to support all of these students.

How do students access our program?
Café La Ruche coupons are available from the guidance department. Coupons are also available through individual teachers through student success.

What foods are available through the program?
Typically, students may choose from a variety of nutritious options freshly prepared by our Food School students such as yogurt and muesli, fresh fruit, salads, soups and entrees (desserts are not included in the program).

What are four benefits of eating a healthy breakfast and lunch?
Proper nutrition results
Improved attention
Quicker, more accurate retrieval of information (i.e. working memory)
Fewer errors made in problem solving activities
üBetter concentration and ability to perform complex tasks

How is the program funded?
The program currently receives support from the Food and Friends program as well as initiatives such as the Live Free Campaign. We also accept support through both individual and corporate donations. Please contact Chef DeBeyer for more information on how to participate:

Everyone at CWDHS benefits from the breakfast and lunches for learning program. When one of our students is given the opportunity to succeed, we all succeed!

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