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Brown Butter Sage Brussel Sprouts

Brown Butter Sage Brussel Sprouts


1 lb fresh brussel sprouts (tidied up, end removed, gnarly leaves removed, and deep cross put into the bottom)

Well salted boiling water

½ cup butter

½ pumpkin seeds

4 sage leaves, chopped

1 Tbsp fresh parsley leaves, chopped


Blanch sprouts in water until bright green colour begins to darken and some of the outer leaves begin to fall off.


Reserve in a bowl, keep warm


Warm butter on medium heat until milk begins to brown, remove from heat before it burns


In a 350F oven, toast seeds for 8 – 12 minutes. Seeds should be crispy but very little colour.
Add sage to butter, then sprouts and parsley and warm on medium high heat in a pan large enough to hold all the sprouts. Toss or stir until ½ the sprouts begin to show some colour from the pan. Adjust seasoning, add seeds and serve.

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