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A Note from our Co-op Manager

Cafe La Ruche officially opened on February 10, 2010 here at CWDHS and was a hit by lunchtime! Everyday so far we’ve had a line up out the door by lunchtime of not only students, but teachers as well, all hoping to get their favorite lunch dish before it’s sold out. Yes, sold out. 😦 Cafe La Ruche has become so popular that half of our menu is sold out before lunch is over! You know our food is good when people are genuinely upset when it’s gone. After lunch, Cafe La Ruche becomes the perfect hangout. With the dimmed lighting and chill music I have students coming in here daily just to sit with a cup of coffee, chat and enjoy the ambiance. The best part of Cafe La Ruche, obviously, is the food. All the food sold in Cafe La Ruche is made fresh and from scratch by students daily. This is great because we actually know what we’re eating and where it comes from. The food we sell in Cafe La Ruche is not typical of most high schools, we have a lot of dishes most students have probably never heard of before but they look and smell so good, they can’t help but try them! We also have quite a few original recipes by Chef Jess and Chef DeBeyer sold in Cafe La Ruche including Chef DeBeyer’s 97 year old grand fathers tea cake recipe! Overall, I’m really happy with the opening of Cafe La Ruche, and I love being able to spend my day in here!

Please feel free to contact me should you have any suggestions or comments about how the cafe is running. I’d love to hear from you!

Michelle Etherton
Grade 12

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