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The Food School Special Projects

1) Yearly Awards
• Junior Award (grade 9-10) $200
• Senior Award (grade 11-12) $300

2) Scholarships
• College/Post Secondary Scholarship $1,000
• Educational bursaries throughout the year (for students to attend
workshops, conferences, etc.) $1,500

3) Guest Speakers/Guest Chefs
• 2/semester @ $300 each ($100 honorarium + travel) = $1,200

4) Resource Library/Cookbooks
• $500 per year

5) Farm Tours
• 1/semester ($400 bus + $200 snacks and incidentals + $200 farmer honorariums) = $800

6) Class Trips (Provincial, Inter-Provincial, International)
• Exchanges, etc. Costs undetermined.

7) Kitchen Garden
• We have built a Kitchen Garden at CWDHS to grow vegetables and herbs that are used in the Food School kitchen. Yearly upkeep range from $1,000 – $2,000.

8) The Food School Farm
• We have a high skills major in agriculture and that the students in this program will run a sustainable market garden farm that will supply the Food School with a good portion of its produce. The school is adjacent to prime agricultural land. We are working with community partners to continue using land for this initiative. Cost: to be determined.

9) Large Capital Needs
BCS tractor implements $3,500-$5,000;
garden shed $6,000;
hand tools $1,200, etc.

10) Small Capital Projects
composter $600;
solar dehydrator $700, etc.

11) Farmers’ Market Crepe Stand
• Cost to be determined. (Stand, license, signage, supplies, etc.)

Charitable Receipts
Donations can be directed to the Upper Grand Learning Foundation Food School Farm account.

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