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J.J. Smith

James (J.J.) Smith

J.J. was enrolled in the Food School in the winter semester of 2008. Already an experienced cook (Delainey’s and Bailey’s restaurants) J.J. brought a wealth of knowledge about the fast-paced line work that is so vital to any young cook’s experience. Currently a student at George Brown College for culinary arts, he is planning to return to Elora this summer to take over the kitchen as chef at Bailey’s.

Katherine (left) shaking hands with our new skills competitor, Mercedes LeFrancois

Katherine Bowen

Katherine was enrolled in the Food School in the fall semester of 2008. Having already worked in several restaurants and under the tutelage of chef Dean Michielsen, Katherine had already competed in culinary skills competitions at both the regional and provincial levels. Last May, she successfully competed at the provincial level, achieving gold and heading to PEI for the nationals. Currently working in Kitchener, she hopes to explore some higher-end pastry experiences in the near future.

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