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3 Course Meal for 4 People

Grade 10 Summative Project
worth 20% of your final mark

Throughout this semester you’ve learned several cooking techniques, methods and theories.

In this final project you will use all of this knowledge to plan a 3 course meal for 4 people.

* You will use as many of the skills outlined on your skill sheets as you can by either incorporating those skills or describing their use
* you will produce a plan for 3 courses that reflect our current growing season
* you will highlight at least 2 local farms in your planned menu
* you will produce a thorough task list of jobs for how to execute the menu successfully in a working kitchen
* you will produce a well structured, final menu card
* you will produce recipes for your 3 courses that all serve 4
* you will hand this all in with your current workbook for final marking (a separate mark will be generated for the completed nature of your workbook)

Your marks for this project will be determined based on the following criteria
* how thoroughly you use the skills that are outlined on your skill sheet (in booklet)
* your reference of The Flavors of Canada cookbook by Anita Stewart (both recipes and ideas) – (in booklet and in book)
* your use of beef in at least one menu item
* how creative and attentive your menu card looks and reads
* your reference of local farms
* how thorough your task list of jobs is outlined
* how well you convert and think through the portion sizing of the courses
* how correctly you reference the kitchen brigade your prep lists

3 course meal for 4 – rubric

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