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Nicole DeBeyer

nicole* born in London, Ontario

* began career while in high school at a bakery/restaurant

* completed Canadian Red Seal in Cooking 1992

* completed Canadian Red Seal in Baking-Pastissier 2009

* Chef- City of Guelph 1994-2009
* Pastry Chef-Bridges Restaurant Vancouver, BC 1993-1994

* attended George Brown College 1987-1990

* worked in a variety of hotels, restaurants and food service establishments including notables such as the Delta Chelsea Hotel, Toronto and Locanda Del San Ufficio, Asti Italy)

* DipEd University of Western Ontario 2009

* Currently Chef Instructor at CWDHS

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  1. Mickailynn and Michelle permalink
    May 31, 2010 12:53 am

    Sorry this is soooo late!!
    umm i was working all weejkend and totally forgot about this again!

    Red pepper dip
    we need:
    ~2 Red peppers
    ~Pkg Cheddar cheese
    ~Pkg Cream cheese
    ~Dijon Mustard
    ~ 1 Onion

    thanks sooo much!
    from Mickailynn


  1. Welcome! «

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